We renovate your home in Tuscany

Renovating your property

In general renovating a property gives you more satisfaction, it’s up to you to decide everything, from the internal to the external design, it’s also less expensive to renovate a building, generally about 30%.

Of course renovating is not so evident, on which architect, engineer and firm can you rely on for the renovation project.
You can always leave it up to local professionals, turn back to your own country and hope for the best.

The fact that you are thousands of miles away makes it for you unable to direct the work in progress, the difference in language results in misunderstandings, the workers don’t respect your planning, … All of this results in exceeding your budget and planned finishing date, useless stress and soon you will find out that your dream has become a nightmare.

You can avoid all these problems when you have a contact person with the necessary skills and titles, who speaks Italian and who is used to the local habits and customs. Someone you can trust for 100%, who defends your ideas and keeps you up to date in your own language.


Every renovation is different and needs other techniques, other specialists. Due to my profession I’ve made a large selection of excellent contractors. Within the years of cooperation between us has grown a climate of respect, of confidence. Unexpected surprises are excluded.

With your cooperation 3 contractors will be invited. Comparing total price, planning and experience will lead to the choice of the right contractor to carry out the project. The final decision will be taken together with you.