We renovate your home in Tuscany

Searching for a property abroad

If you don’t speak Italian and you don’t live in Italy it’s not so easy to find an interesting house. A possible solution could be that you organise a trip to the place were you want to buy, visit some houses with a local real estate agency and hope that one of the houses responds at your demand. This kind of information is easy to find on the website of some local agency. However this way of searching for a home, mostly turns out to be a delusion. The trip lasts too short, the agency shows you the house under ideal circumstances: in the weekend when it’s quiet, during the half hour that the sun shines on the walls, when the neighbours are out, including their noisy dog.

Mostly you don’t even have any reference. Does the price correspond with the value on the market, aren’t there any building projects planned in the future near the house?

Therefore it’s an advantage to know a reliable person who lives in the country, who speaks the Italian language and who knows the local habits and customs. A person who can already make a selection of possible dream houses even before you get off to Italy and who can bring you in contact with reliable real estate agencies that explore the market since years.

Are you interested in a particular house, founded by yourself on internet, but do you need a technical advice? We check the building for you, make a short technical report with pictures, eventually film, and description and present it to you in a very short time. In this way we offer you a more detailed idea of the building and you don’t have to organize a useless trip.